Henry Winkler at We Are The People We've Been Waiting For Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 18 Novembre 2009

London: 17 November 2009
This oddly named film is one with its premiere shrouded in mystery. There were no paps buts one access all areas guy and no media. It did have the rest of the trappings of a premiere at the Empire such as a red carpet, lights, barriers, a crowd and at least one star. Very unusual not to have plenty of publicity generating photographers and broadcast crews providing free coverage. No matter. It meant that I could get to the Square late in the day and still get a good spot. The big draw here was Henry Winkler Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli The Fonz himself. By coincidence one of the Family Guy episodes tonight was the hilarious The Church of Our Lord, Arthur Fonzarelli. Truly the Lord does move in mysterious ways. Henry was smiling and very happy to chat, sign and pose with fans but was hauled away by PR just before he got in front of me. The other five? Young stars also walked the river of red and seemed very comfortable with the experience, Natasha? In particular. They too signed, posed and were happy to have a few words with the waiting ones.

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