Me & Orson Welles - UK Premiere - London - Arrivals & Aftershow

Publié le 19 Novembre 2009

London: 18 November 2009
I look forward to premieres of this type much less than the usual events I attend. Why? Well the screaming for a start and the hysteria that screaming brings on. Zac Efron is a big draw for young ladies and there is a lot of noise and jostling to get to the front regardless of arrival time. My arrival time was 7am and only a few of the usual suspects had arrived by then. I was persuaded to join them at a spot further west than my normal placement. That turned out to be not such a good idea because Zac never made it to where we were due to media duties. He signed lots just not near me. The usual suspects got nothing too. It was particularly difficult to get good shots of him as I was unable to pan to my right after a pushy late-arriving screamer got to the front. I did get some half decent shots in the gloom once he emerged after kicking the film off. Christian McKay, Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, Kelly Reilly and director Richard Linklater made it to us and they signed lots and chatted along the fanline.

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