Mariah Carey Leaving The Dorchester Hotel - London

Publié le 17 Novembre 2009

London: 15 November 2009
I was on my way to the Grosvenor House Hotel for the Variety Club Showbiz Awards (see the film on my channel) after a short tube journey to Hyde Park Corner just after three. On passing The Dorchester I noticed a crowd so went to see what was going on as you do. I spotted a few of the usual suspects and other familiar faces so there must be something. Mariah they said and she is due out at four. Well why not I thought. Crowd control was the problem here. I was to only one who followed the directions of the security folk to stay behind the barrier. My friend who had skipped over to the other side of the mob was lucky that Mariah emerged from that door and she got a signature to make her day worthwhile. As you can see from the film, when she made the short journey from door to limo she was mobbed. Manners are clearly not what they used to be. I ended up four rows back on my stool with an arm in the air to capture those shots you see. Short but sweet.

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