Vanessa Redgrave & Joely Richardson at BAFTA 2010 - London - Arrivals

Publié le 23 Février 2010

London: 21 February 2010

BAFTA and Harry Potter premieres have two things in common. Firstly it involves an overnight wait and secondly the weather is always awful. The BAFTAs this year did not disappoint. Twilight folk beat me to the front of the queue. My group was behind twenty of them and we got there at ten on the Saturday night. The night passed smoothly apart from the cold and the rain that is. I got my silver, numbered wrist band before nine on Sunday (Brits organisers please note) and left to get some sleep before heading back there around one. I got a front row spot with a few fanline friends, then more waiting around in the weather until five when things got underway. Happily the rain did not interfere much once the arrivals started. Stars passed by thick and fast and it was hard to know who to point the camera at. Many stars signed along the fanline though fans near the beginning of the fanline seemed to do better than those around me. Media duties and sore wrists reduced the number of signing near me.

Cinema legend Vanessa Redgrave was honoured with a BAFTA fellowship this evening presented by Prince William. She walked the carpet with husband Franco Nero (who stole none of her limelight) and daughter Jolie Richardson. Both ladies looked stunning in their full length gowns. Both were very happy to sign and chat with fans near me.

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