Tom Cruise at National Movie Awards 2010 - London - Part 1of2

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London: 26 May 2010
A long day ahead softened by good company is how I felt trudging chair under arm to the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre to join the queue for the limited good spots to see the great and good coming to this annual event.

I arrived at 0630am and met overnight campers and folk who had gotten the first bus. About a dozen were in front of me.

I spent the entire day sitting in the chilly air wishing I'd brought my long coat. It's late May so I was fooled into thinking it might be a bit warm.

I even tried doing some editing but my fingers frozen and the computer came out in sympathy. When things got rolling at five thirty the stars came thick and fast though a few slipped in the back door. Those who did walk the river of red were very happy to sign and pose.

Tom Cruise confirmed his reputation as king signer by ensuring the entire fan line got a pic and a pose. He is the man.

I left lots of my buddies waiting for departures before I headed off home to get warm.

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