Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Charity Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 11 Janvier 2010

London: 7 January 2010

Andy Serkis is always lovely with the fans so it was no chore for me to wrap up and head down to Lower Regent Street for 6pm where he was hosting a screening for his new movie Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. It is a biopic of Ian Drury, the Blockheads frontman. Andy was first to arrive and was dressed all dapper for the arrival in a snazzy waistcoat. He was very happy to chat and sign and pose while his missus shivered by his side. No red carpet tonight and no security so we self managed. A handful of regulars, some from as far away as Lincoln were there so we had a nice chat and catch up while waiting. A few of the usual paps were in attendance, though they had to stay outside in the cold with fans as there was no media space inside for them. I was home by eight and published by midnight for a change. Result. Postscript. The dreaded "processing" time kept going for three days before this was finally available. So much for rushing.
Stars and celebs in attendance: Andy Serkis Bill Milner Olivia Williams Naomie Harris Ruta Gedmintas

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