Part 1of3 - Morgan Freeman at Invictus UK Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 2 Février 2010

London: 31 January 2010

A bitterly cold last day of January so I wrap up warm and head over to the Square at nine to see what is going on. A few of the usual suspects, no barriers and confusion over where to stand. No change there then. There was not a lot of pressure for spaces through the day, so I found time to slip back to base to catch up on my backlog. The traditional red carpet was down by five thirty and the action started by ten to six. Matt Damon was the first to arrive, but disappeared into the crowds at the north of the Square for so long before he came out way. He signed the entire length of that fanline, though later on several of the regulars reported they had been unlucky with where they chose to stand and waited all day for result. Morgan Freeman was the second to arrive though media duties took up his time. Clint was snapped up by the media and had no time at the fanline. There were plenty of celebs to try to track and loads of notable sportsmen from the Rugby scene, and a fine looking bunch of boys they were too ladies. I waited to catch the stars to exit after introducing the film. None signed then, they just wanted to be into those cars and home for the soaps.

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