Miley Cyrus Mania in London

Publié le 3 Juin 2010



After performing a secret gig in Paris last night Miley Cyrus arrived in London this morning and headed straight to Radio One where a large crowd of screaming fans were waiting to great her.

Now we're guessing she was running a little late because Miley didn't stop to sign any autographs or pose for any pictures, instead she breezed past the crowd and headed inside for an interview with Fearne Cotton.

During their chat the teen star talked about how she deals with negative press, her plans for a musical collaboration with her brother Trace and what she thinks of her British fans.

And speaking of fans, the crowds patience was rewarded when Miley left the studios as she was more than happy to sign several pieces of paper that were thrust in her direction.

After that she headed to Radio 2 where things got a little bit crazy, but you'll have to watch the video to see what we mean.

mrpaparazziuk 3 juin 2010

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