Jessica Alba at Valentine's Day - European Premiere - London

Publié le 12 Février 2010

London: 11 February 2010

Love is in the air this week. On Sunday it is Valentines Day and to make sure the romantic among you have somewhere to take your sweetheart, there is a movie with the same name just to make it easy. There are lots of top names in this chick-flick though not all were able to come to the Square for this buzzing premiere. Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall has put together an all-star ensemble for this one. I arrived at nine thirty to claim a spot after keeping an eye via the web cam. Mostly young ladies for this one and mostly wanting to see Jessica Alba. An icy wind that cut through four layers was out challenge today. As always there were folk from all over the globe, Spain, Australia, Chile and a lot of Americans. The décor was red of course. Traditional red carpet and lots of pink neon-lit hearts reminded all of the theme. Folk around me did well for autographs and pictures. Most all the stars and other celebs signed and posed. The pushing was manic when Jessica arrived near me. It was a wonder I did not fall off my stool. I was almost horizontal at one point. To make sure I got everything, I waited for departures as she got into the limo then a quick dash home into the warm. Roll on spring time please.

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