Gerard Butler at The Bounty Hunter - Gala Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 13 Mars 2010

London: 11 March 2010

The Square was well-kitted out for a big premiere tonight with carpet, giant screen, cameras on cranes, spotlights and a stage for interviews. My fanline friends held a spot for me - thanks guys - so I could continue my recovery and not brave the still-freezing weather till around twelve. The line was already full in hot spots but still plenty of space overall. Not so by four when it was jam packed along the length. Premieres at the Vue allow a lot of fan-space so plenty of tourists got a chance to enjoy the experience. The big screen is a great idea - it really helps the thousands of attendees enjoy the event fully. The stars had plenty of face time on screen. Not so many additional celebs tonight but it was the majors that the crowd wanted to see and they were not disappointed. Gerard was the first to arrive and spent plenty of time at the fanline and with media. He signed lots, was chatty with the crowd and was happy to pose and even act as photographer.

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