Eva Green Signing At Cracks UK Premiere - London Film Festival 2009

Publié le 8 Novembre 2009

London: 25 October 2009
Day twelve of the London Film Festival last month and this is the final film to clear my editing backlog. Once done I am up to date. Woohoo. The film festival has managed to interest a whole load of tourists who grab a spot at the barrier as they walk through the Square. It will be something to tell the folks back home, complete with a souvenir snap. The weather is good and queuing time is a couple of hours. Not bad. The film is an atmospheric drama set in Ireland in a girls school. Bond girl Eva Green from Casino Royale is the draw for the usual suspects who have now figured out that the East side of the Vue is the most productive place for autographs and didnt disappoint. She emerged after presenting the film. She posed and signed for all the waiting ones.

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