Emilie de Ravin at Remember Me - UK Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 18 Mars 2010

London: 17 March 2010-03

St. Patrick's Day turned into St. Pattinson's day here in the Square. I checked the webcam last night and sure enough there were the Twilighter's tents pitched for a long wait. I decided to get my beauty sleep and take my chances rather than camp out. Refreshed by a good night's sleep I checked the web cam at first light and headed on down. I joined my fanline friends south of my usual spot and had a jolly time with them as we passed the time. Fortunately barriers came early and we got hand stamps to keep things fair. Well done security. Perhaps they read my suggestions. Wherever Robert goes nowadays he needs five bodyguards. I can see why. The crush was bad by three and we had to spend the last two hours of waiting pressed like sardines. No rain, thank heavens. When things got going the noise was deafening. Screaming crazy the fans were. It was a traditional red carpet motiffed with the name of the film. RPatz arrived early and spent ages at the fanline posing, signing and chatting. He had to rush media duties because he spent so long. He passed right in front of me and for once my shots weren't compromised by the pap's flashes. When all was done, PR dragged him late into the film as he wave a fond farewell to the fans he loves and it was all over.

Stars and celebs in attendance:
Emilie de Ravin, Robert Pattinson, Rick Edwards

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