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Publié le 11 Décembre 2009

London: 10 December 2009

Tonight was a World Premiere and two cinemas were booked out. I started queuing at the main Odeon at seven in the chilly winter air. It was a good guess because that was where the stars and celebs arrived. The Empire was filled with the other invitees. The theme was blue tonight to match my face in the cold. A blue carpet, blue signage and blue spotlights. Portentous music from the soundtrack played as the dozens of stars and celebs arrived. In a change to the usual layout the paps pen was just to my left and that meant some great shots as notables posed to have their picture taken. The downside was the flashing that attends the photography. One day photographers may used always-on / continuous lighting but not yet, so you dear viewer have to endure strobes. It does add to the atmosphere though and serves as an indicator of how popular the subject is by the frequency and number of flashes. I was surrounded by fans from all around the world as usual at a mega-event like this, so a big shout-out to France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Sweden and Ethiopia You know who you are. With dozens of celebs, there was plenty signing along the extensive fanline, though not everyone signed everywhere. James Cameron had plenty to do with media duties and we were unable to persuade him to come to our bit. He did sign plenty though at other spots on the barrier. We did get Sigourney Weaver though and she looked stunning in a black off-the-right-shoulder full length gown. Co-stars Michelle Rodriguez and Zoe Saldana are gorgeous in a full length gowns. See below for a full list of who I captured. I was glad I bought along my standing stool because at the last minute after eleven hours of waiting, one of the TV cameramen stood right in front of me. That meant plenty of camera held high shooting but what would a premiere be without at least one unexpected challenge?

Premiere organised by: DDA Public Relations

Stars in attendance:
Laz Alonso
Sigourney Weaver
James Horner, Composer
Jon Landau, Producer
Giovanni Ribisi

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