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Publié le 25 Août 2009

London: 24 August 2009
It was on it was off. That was the news on the premiere from the distributor, but it had not filtered through to the usual websites so quite a few were disappointed in the Square.
No matter, the stars did arrive in London for some publicity, and an interview at Radio 1 in Great Portland Street.
It is a short trip for me and when I arrive lots of the usual suspects are there. The crowd swells as arrival time nears and there is plenty jostling when the stars arrive in limos.
They seem surprised at the crowd and the attention but are very happy to sign, chat and pose with fans on the way in. Things are a bit more orderly on their way out a half an hour later.
Their security folk get the paps to stand in a particular spot rather than mingle with the autograph hunters.
This was a good thing and it went very smoothly with plenty of interaction.
We all left but one of our number stayed had an interesting experience.
 The director showed up and when asked for an autograph, said only on condition you tell me who I am.
No autograph, but a camera phone picture was taken and later shown to our group and of course someone identified him. Now we know.

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