Jude Law - Last Night - Hamlet - London

Publié le 24 Août 2009

London: 22 Aug 2009
All good things must come to an end and Jude Law playing Hamlet in London now faces just that. As expected the tiny area around the stage door was rammed with folk from all over hoping to congratulate and be in the presence of the great one.
Those who had waited overnight for a glimpse after the matinee had to wait another eight hours because he remained inside.
After three months in London, Jude and the show transfer to Broadway and yet more accolades no doubt. When he emerged near midnight the crowd was ten or more deep with plenty pushing. Jude is always really nice with fans, signing and chatting as he moves along the fanline.
No time for two heads pictures though.
The usual procedure is for those who have had an autograph to move back and let others in but due to the crowd pressure this was harder to do than expected.
Jude stayed signing almost ten minutes which was long enough to make sure everyone who wanted one got one. He signed off by blowing kisses to the crowd then went back in.

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