Chris Pine at Star Trek UK Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 21 Avril 2009

London: 20 April 2009
The rumour on Trekkies that large numbers of fans would be camping out night before to snag a spot brought me down to the Square real early this morning. Falsely it turned out. There was tumbleweed blowing through the place when I arrived at six fifteen. My only comfort was happening upon my bleary eyed fan mates who had camped out in an internet café since four they had been lured by the same rumour, so I wasnt the only daft one. It was a lovely weather day so once the chairs were set up it enjoyable to be out in the fresh air. A steady trickle of fans started arriving after seven thirty building up through the day to a six deep crescendo by show time. Plenty of Trekkie costumes on show too, though not much Klingon was spoken around me not that Id have recognised it among the many languages spoken by fans who had come from around the globe to witness the event. The carpet was blue and starry today to convey the space theme and there were enough fog machines about to keep any fog fan happy. The cast and filmmakers were really great with waiting ones. Hopefully they view my films in Hollywood to train themselves about what makes a premiere in the Square so special. Tonight they seemed so relaxed. They signed, chatted and posed for ages on this lovely evening unencumbered by brollies.

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