Clive Owen and Julia Roberts at Duplicity World Premiere - London Arrivals

Publié le 11 Mars 2009

London: 10 March 2009
Flash Alert! Flash Alert! Flash Alert!
Nine hours hanging around in the squally weather in the Square brings its rewards sometimes and tonight Julia Roberts, Clive Owen and Tom Wilkinson do just that. The rain abates during the event to make it a very pleasant evening indeed. The good natured crowd who come from as far away as Venezuela, Maidstone, Paris and Hounslow make it a jolly experience for all. All three main actors parade the red carpet, speak to dozens of media folk, pose for the fifty or more paps and of course spend time all along the fanline doling out autographs and having a few words with fans. Not many other celebs spotted, no matter, we were happy with what we got. Big smile.

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