Victoria Beckham Heathrow Airport in London - Vidéo

Publié le 12 Février 2009

FYB presents Victoria Beckham repeatedly smoothing down her hair as she prepares to depart from Heathrow Airport in London on February 11, 2009.
Wearing a black tuxedo outfit, matching gloves, stilettos and sunglasses, Posh appears to have become particularly fond of the $10 000 Ostrich-skin Loewe 'Calle' hand bag that she's been carrying as of late.
With that sort of price tag, it's no wonder that the pricey accessory comes with its own oversized padlock.
Meanwhile, despite iniital plans to spend Valentine's Day alone, it appears as though Posh can't get enough of her hubby David as she was reportedly on her way to Milan!
After this, the self-appointed style icon will make her way to New York City for Fashion Week. In other words, outfits galore!!!
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