Amy Winehouse - Interview à l'interphone

Publié le 23 Octobre 2008 Gone are the days of Amy Winehouse answering the front door to every Tom, Dick and Harry. We miss the nights where she would gallavant around Camden with a trail of paps in her wake. But while the troubled singer has remained illusive for some time now we’ve been keep our fingers crossed that she’s been getting her life back on track away from the glare of the media. Yesterday afternoon a French reporter arrived at Amy’s North London pad armed with a microphone and while it’s not clear whether she’d scheduled an interview we were over the moon to be treated to one, even if it was via an intercom. Rather than tell you what she said have a listen for yourselves we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. What we will say is rather than judging the troubled singer maybe we should take her advice when she says, ‘don’t worry about me, worry about yourselves.’

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