Dustin Hoffman à la sortie de Madeo - n'a qu'un mot à dire...'Kung-Fu Panda' - VIDEO

Publié le 23 Juin 2008

Hollywood.TV's cameras were wondering if celebrities ever got stuck in promotion mode when they spotted Dustin Hoffman in this exclusive clip.

The Rain Man star was out at Madeo and had a quick chat to the press while he waited for his car. And tonight he'd found a way to get it all his way. He had one answer to every question. 'Kung-Fu Panda'.
Would he ever play the role of a paparazzi?
'Kung-Fu Panda'
Is he part owner of Kumo? 'No. Just Kung-Fu Panda'
Will Kung-Fu Panda ever play the role of a paparazzi? 'Only Kung-Fu Panda'
We say goodbye and he say... you guessed it.
'Kung-Fu Panda'

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