"Shine a Light" avant-première à Londres avec les Rolling Stones - Vidéo

Publié le 5 Avril 2008

Shine a Light premiere in London
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Celebrities attending the premiere of the Martin Scorsese directed Rolling Stones documentary 'Shine a Light.' Ronnie Wood arrives and chats to Edith Bowman on the red carpet. Mick Jagger walks along the red carpet and gets greeted by an over enthusiastic fan who is pushed away by security. He is then seen answering questions and signing autographs. Keith Richards turns up looking a bit worse for wear and jokes around with fans as he signs autographs. Noel Fielding is seen briefly being interviewed. Rob Brydon is seen walking down the carpet. Alex Zane walks along and pulls a funny face at the camera. Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton are seen being interviewed. Sean Maguire gets interviewed. The Rolling Stones are then seen leaving the premiere and getting into cars.

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