Des stars US se mobilisent pour le coming-out - Vidéos

Publié le 14 Octobre 2007

A l'occasion de la journée nationale du coming-out, des stars de la télé ont enregistré des clips de soutient diffusés sur les chaînes nationales US. Ont participé des personnalités telles que Ana Ortiz, Rebecca Romijn, Eric Mabius, Michael Urie, Becki Newton ("Ugly Betty") ; Sara Ramirez, Kate Walsh, T.R. Knight ("Grey's anatomy") ; Raphaelle griffiths ("Brothers & sisters")

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Be an ally and a friend.

"Words can a powerful weapons, so please choose them carefully because what you say matter. When you tell an homophobic joke and use or use a anti gay slur you're spreading prejudice. And you can being hurting someone close to you without even realizing it. These words send a message that is ok to hate and to discriminate. You've the power to make a difference just by treating people with dignity and respect. Choose to an ally and a friend."

With : Ana Ortiz, Sara Ramirez, Rebecca Romijn, Eric Mabius, Kate Walsh, T.R. Knight, Michael Urie, Rachel Griffiths, and Becki Newton.
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