Sex And The City 2 - UK Premiere - London - Arrivals - Part 1 of 4

Publié le 28 Mai 2010



London: 27 May 2010

The gardens in Leicester Square were the centre point for the glitzy premiere to launch the second in the series where the street wise New York quartet head off to the Middle East. It was a long day. The queue formed overnight and I joined at 7am. There were plenty of my fan buddies to commune with throughout the day-long wait and we all helped each other out covering for food and bathroom breaks. The cast arrived on the red carpet, being interviewed and papped at every turn. As expected they all looked just gorgeous in designer gowns and jewellery from the best designers around the globe. All were happy to come and sign and pose as requested. Once the cast had gone through there was a torrent of dozens of stars and celeb guests to view, scream at and collect autographs from. A real treat for collectors.

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