Kylie Minogue & Ke$ha at The Brit Awards 2010 - London - Arrivals

Publié le 17 Février 2010

London: 16 February 2010
When I emerged at the Earls Court tube station at six this morning, cold rain was falling.
As the film shows, it was still raining twelve hours later when arrivals started.
I was very thankful for my big umbrella that kept me pretty dry all day. Not sure the folk behind me would agree though. Where to queue was a problem.
As usual no-one knew for sure where. Much confusion. The crowds swelled during the day for it is half term. Disorderliness is the best way to summarise the experience. There were no wrist bands to ensure fairness. Those who arrived first did not get top spots or even good spots.
 I was extra frozen by lunch time and popped home for sustenance and another two layers. Big shout-out to my fanline buddies who kept my place. Once things got going the rain unfortunately dampened everything. Umbrellas everywhere to block shots, a sodden traditional red carpet, few stars coming to the fanline to sign, wet pictures for signing, soaked camera gear and lots of limos passing us empty having dropped off at the side entrance. Stars just wanted to get indoors into the dry. A horrible day for me. Enjoy dear viewers because next year I'm thinking of staying away unless there is some proper organisation for fans.

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