George Clooney at Fantastic Mr Fox World Premiere - London - Arrivals & Aftershow

Publié le 17 Octobre 2009

London: 14 October 2009
Two cinemas for one premiere is a rare happening the last time being for Potter. The Empire and the Odeon were decked out as was the garden. It was a long cold wait in the garden for me where I chose my spot. We were let in around lunch time so I was able to get seated by then. Acres of red carpet and plenty of media folk from around the world. Aussie Peter Andre much in the news was trying his hand at red carpet presenting for This Morning. The crowd building was a bit slow at first with plenty of disappointed Meryl fans when they found out she is not well and would not be coming. There were so many different vantage points that I was not sure where the usual suspects ended up. As dusk fell the proceedings got under way with Rick Edwards as emcee. Gorgeous George Clooney arrived first and made sure everyone got to chat, touch, pose or grab an autograph. A sprinkling of stars and celebs followed him in. I waited until the notables left after the film to get some better shots.

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