Brad Pitt at Kick-Ass European Premiere - London - Arrivals

Publié le 23 Mars 2010

Brad Pitt at Kick-Ass European Premiere - London - Arrivals
London - 22 March 2010

A very pleasant surprise for one and all tonight in the Square. Brad Pitt made an appearance to support this movie he co-produced. I was able to continue editing yesterday's gig till about one thirty as one of my fanline friends kept a great spot since he had arrived at seven.
 Big shout out to Mr. A, many thanks. The heavy duty barrier was in place by one, and you can tell the importance of attendees by the quality of the barrier so we guessed the rumours about Brad's attendance were true. The weather was chill and rain was about. Free wigs and tee shirts were distributed. The red and white carpet was down by four. The car from the movie was put in place; then rain started. Typical. There were plenty of surprised tourists manning the barriers and they were in luck because there were plenty of autographs signed. Brad signed the whole fanline as his only press duties were being papped. The film's stars and celebrity guests signed and posed plenty among the fans umbrellas. I had a special treat too. I got a ticket to attend the premiere. Inside the cinema the place was packed with eager fans. Matthew Vaughn introduced the film and his co stars then the premiere got underway. And I really enjoyed it. It was truly Kick Ass.

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