George Clooney - Gentleman

Publié le 12 Septembre 2007

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George Clooney was in high spirits last night, taking time to shoot the breeze with a TMZ camera. Confessions of a courteous mind!

Our photog ran into Mr. Ocean outside of New York's Nobu, where the affable actor gave a homeless man some dough and a warm pat on the shoulder. Nice touch! Cordial George was even watchful of our backwards-walking photog, saying he would feel like "a rat" if anyone got hurt filming him. Thanks, Batman!

Then he took our camera in his own hands, discussing the difference between brands and some techniques for getting the right shot! When the lesson was over, Georgie gave the equipment back and took off. Good night, and good luck!

(And yes, that is Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford's hottie hubby, with him. Gorgeous guys travel in packs!)

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